The Top 5 Characteristics You Want In An Effective Houses For Sale Edmonton Realtor

It’s a common occurrence that the media will spew out stories of dishonest and unethical real estate agents looking to scam another client out of more money.  Why is this so?  It may be that integrity and honesty is not newsworthy and the 15% of honest realtors are not worthwhile.  The fact is, while many realtors are considered unprofessional there are those that do provide a highly effective and honorable service.  This article will provide information on the top characteristics you want in an effective houses for sale Edmonton realtor.


1. Experience

If you have not been shown the realtor’s portfolio and not provided evidence of the agent or agency’s past clients, it is generally due to the fact that they do not have more than 2-4 years experience.  Hiring inexperienced real estate agents is not necessarily a bad move, but it is not always recommended as this listing agent has not learned how to handle the majority of challenges present in the home marketing arena.  To ensure you receive the best quality service, it is recommended you hire a seasoned agent.

2. Qualifications

In addition to experience, it is essential that the realtor has the correct qualifications for practice.  Many states do not allow real estate agents to practice without obtaining the necessary licensing and certifications.  This will ensure that the houses for sale Edmonton agent is trained in best practice and will adhere to the ethical guidelines set by the real estate authority in the relevant area.  Licensing certificate numbers can be checked by real estate licensing divisions.

3. Networking An Negotiating

Highly effective houses for sale agents are typically known for their strong negotiating skills, not necessarily the individual who is able to make the speediest sale.  A strong negotiator is always well connected to different networks within the community and will be able to utilize these contacts to obtain the best deal for their client.  This means that they do not require large budgets or the need for elaborate advertisements.  To find the ideal real estate that has their foot in everywhere, it is always recommended you take a moment to speak with colleagues and ask for records of home sales when perusing agency portfolios.

4. A Gut Instinct

Arguably the most important factor to consider when hiring a suitable houses for sale realtor is following your gut instinct.  While the agent may have positive reviews and a long list of successful sales, the transaction will not be successful in your case if you do not feel comfortable with their behavior.